Saturday, July 31, 2021

"O lifeless one, bereft of heart and soul, Come to life, come thou to life!"

"O friends, show forth your fidelity! O my loved ones, manifest your steadfastness and your constancy! O ye who invoke His Name, turn ye and hold fast unto Him! O ye who lift up your hearts and implore His aid, cling to Him and walk in His ways! It is incumbent upon every one of us to encourage each other, to exert our utmost endeavour to diffuse His divine fragrances and engage in exalting His Word. We must, at all times, be stirred by the breeze that bloweth from the rose-garden of His loving-kindness, and be perfumed with the fragrances of the mystic flowers of His grace. We must impart zeal and rapture to the hearts of the righteous and bring joy and ecstasy to the souls of the faithful.

Praise be to God that the hosts of His all-glorious Kingdom are rushing forth, the stars of His Most Sublime Horizon are shining bright, the banner of guidance is waving aloft, the showers of the clouds of bounty are raining down upon all, the Day-Star of the heaven of divine knowledge is shining resplendent, the joyful festival of the Kingdom is being held in the utmost delight, and the Morn of divine grace is casting abroad the rays of guidance. The anthem of the Abhá Kingdom can be heard from the celestial Concourse: 

    O lifeless one, bereft of heart and soul, 

    Come to life, come thou to life!

    O slumbering one, wrapt in mire and clay, 

    Awake, do thou awake!

    O drunken one, so dazed and gone astray, 

    Clear thy mind, clear thou thy mind!

    The world is filled with sweetest musk; the eyes are brightened with His light; 

                the heavens now are set ablaze.

    From life and self be freed, be wholly freed!

    Now is the time for sacrifice; here waft the breaths of Paradise; 

                secrets Divine are all made known. 

    Lead thou the lovers nigh, lead them nigh!

    The sweetly singing mystic bird, upon a verdant cypress bough,

                imparteth knowledge to the soul; 

    Commit His secrets to thy heart! Commit His secrets to thy heart!"

(Light of the World: Selected Tablets of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, #56, part 3)

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